Civil Scaffolding

Scaffolding & supply hire for civil works throughout northern New South Wales and South East Queensland


Byron Bay Scaffold has a range of scaffolding, enabling us to service the needs of clients carrying out a variety of civil projects in New South Wales and beyond.
Civil Scaffolding — Civil scaffolding New South Wales in Lennox Head, NSW
Projects we assist on in this sector include:
  • Airports
  • Bridges
  • Railways
  • Tunnels
  • Institutional buildings
As well as scaffolding structures, we supply a range of supporting equipment such as edge protection, hoists, safety netting, chutes, temporary staircases and more.
These are held to the same safety standards as our other scaffolding, with a commitment to minimising risks and potential dangers. We perform regular checks on each item to ensure safety codes and standards are always met.

Easy to use and economical, many of these pieces of equipment, such as electric cantilevered hoists and temporary stairs, will save you time and money on your project. Your staff will spend less time moving supplies by hand, allowing them to start construction sooner.

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