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Industrial Scaffolding

Byron Bay Scaffolding Services is able to provide scaffold and/or scaffolding labour for any industrial or commercial application. Byron Bay Scaffolding Services is not restricted geographically and has the capability to offer labour under fly-in/fly-out arrangements where necessary.

Byron Bay Scaffolding Services is Xstrata-accredited and possesses the experience and expertise to complete scaffolding projects both above and below ground. Ace has supplied scaffold and scaffolding services to some of Australia’s largest mining operations, including the PNG Lihir Mine and the MOPU Site.

Byron Bay Scaffolding provides specialist industrial services that support the installation, maintenance, refurbishment, decommissioning and replacement of large industrial plants and building infrastructure for:

Power Generation || Energy from Waste || Oil and Gas || Manufacturing || Refining || Chemical

Byron Bay Industrial Scaffold has developed an enviable reputation for delivering contracts to budget and on time. Today, thanks to our highly skilled and knowledgeable team of professionals, Byron Bay Scaffold leads the field in the provision of  bespoke innovative solutions to meet the unique challenges of each client.

A large proportion of our industrial scaffolding projects are completely designed in the office before any work begins on site as many of these projects are complex in terms of the structure and the operating environment. Our dedicated design team liaises with the customer providing initial schematic drawings which are developed into construction drawings backed with full calculations.

Great for you

Byron Bay Industrial Scaffolding Services has many flexible solutions to make your project successful. If you require design as well as supervision of the erection and dismantle, our team can fill that need from start to finish. In addition, our Scaffolding system can be rented or purchased for your own use. We provide routine maintenance on all of our products to ensure the safety and quality that you would expect. When your project requires access scaffolding, overhead protection or shoring – Byron Bay Industrial Scaffolding Services will meet your needs.

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