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Commercial Scaffolding Services

Byron Bay Commercial Scaffolding Services is regularly called upon to erect scaffolding in order to enable clients to carry out vital maintenance throughout NSW and Queensland. Byron Bay Scaffolding are appropriately inducted and possess the know how and experience to carry out such work safely and cost effectively.

Byron Bay Scaffolding Services is equipped to service the needs of clients carrying out civil works. Whether it is the construction of a new High rise, maintenance on an existing shopping centers or new developments, Our Commercial Scaffolding Team can provide a suitable access solution.

Edge protection

Commercial construction work involves several tasks that potentially expose persons to the risk of falls both through and from the edge of the structure. Physical edge protection must be provided for all elevated works, so far as is reasonably practicable.


Our electric cantilevered platform material hoists provide an economical & robust means of lifting materials on low-rise construction projects.


Birdcage Scaffolds can be installed using either Kwik-Stage or Super-Scaff up to a height of 60m if braced and tied back to the permanent structure.

As the name might suggest birdcage scaffolds are almost always fully enclosed so that trades people working on them are protected from falls thanks to the scaffold’s cage like structure.

Temporary staircases

Best practice and increasing regulations, support the move away from ladders as the means of temporary access between levels on construction sites. Our temporary stairway offers a simple, safe and practical solution. The Stairways are quickly and easily installed on site, straight off the back of the transport, and are ready for use in minutes.